If you have bred ants in the house — a sign will tell you what it wants house sign

What appear ants in the house — a sign will give answers. Are these insect pests present or appearing in your home, they portend a speedy enrichment? In answer to this question will give folk beliefs.

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There were ants in the house — good luck

What if the house is infested ants?

Different beliefs about ants

There were ants in the house — good luck

What appear ants in the house signs Ant — this insect family? It’s no secret that they have there is a hierarchy, they all live by strict rules, engaged in their own business. There are ants, hunters, scouts, even nurses. Agree, as in any family — every family member has their own responsibilities.

Therefore, from ancient times, people believed that appeared in the territory of your home is the family points to strengthen your family ties. Be sure quarrels, disorders, aggression stop. Some even believe that the insects are able to prevent cheating.

If we turn to ancient beliefs, the appearance of ants predicts increase in cash. And the rich will be able to each of the family members in their own way. Perhaps a promotion, winning the lottery, even inheritance. It is believed that the more ants come into the house, the more money you will have.

What if the house is infested ants?

If the house is infested ants sign despite the fact that this neighborhood could be unpleasant and will not rejoice knowing people who believe in omens, they say that they cannot expel. In this case, live like before the arrival of new neighbors. Ants — is not cockroaches, they are not pests. And even if it seems that their appearance is not entirely aesthetic, they do not need to kill.

Since ancient times, people believed that these insects are not only absolutely harmless, but extremely useful. Due to the fact that ants collected the crumbs from the floor, it was believed that they help to clean up the hostesses. Remember, if you start to kill ants, crush them, herbs and so on, the promise of happiness and money none of your relatives will not get.

Cash flow and success of insects are able to pull into the room just in case, if you constantly live in it. Accommodation in principle in the area near private homes is also considered.

Therefore, to get the money and get rid of insects, you will not leave. With ants is one more superstition. It is believed that who destroyed their anthill; he will be miserable, as he turned away from all the good forces.

Different beliefs about ants

Signs about ants you can predict the weather for many living organism. Some of the flowers before the rain begin to close, while others even stronger smell, upon the occurrence of colds cats curl up into a ball, and so on. Ants are also good meteorologists. On them you can find out whether rain.

This flurry of water can be fatal for young workaholic. Therefore, nature gave them an amazing quality — they feel the onset of pre-precipitation. These insects will survive in the event that will fall into the anthill. And if the ant does not have time to get home before it appears very difficult task — to hide somewhere just weather.

So if you see a lot of ants are active, fast run on the anthill or move to him and do not depart further, it will soon rain. Want to know if the winter will be cold or warm? Look at the behavior of the insects. Increasing your anthill, they warn that there will be very strong frosts.

To find out if a cold snap will happen after the thaw, simply gently slide a sprig in an anthill. If ants crawling around, the heat will not come soon. If they crawl on the twig, then came the long-awaited warming.

Did you know that ants are able to bite? However, if you believe the signs, they can do it only when I met a very evil person or someone who is very sinful.

If you are kind, open, do not hurt living creatures, then you were not in danger. Our ancestors believed that in the presence of ants cannot swear; otherwise they will cease to bring happiness into the house. Listen to this superstition, and we can.

Its milk ants churning into butter. It is usually found deep inside the house. In ancient times, people were getting this oil and used as a cure for a variety of ailments. It was believed that it can cure even the most dangerous diseases.

Keep a small ant farm, and you can make the most of such signs. After all, the insects all the time will be in your house, will bring luck and prosperity, but at the same time will look very aesthetically pleasing. Your little ant farm will become a favorite of Fortune.

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